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Certain tasks here in Colonia Verde require forms, either to report something or to gain approval as required by the CC&Rs and by-laws. These forms are kept in the office, but they are also here so you can print out the form that you need.

NOTE: To view, print, and/or save the form you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have that a free copy is available here.

Clubhouse Reservation - To use the clubhouse for a private affair you need to have the reservation approved. Click here for that form.
            A checklist is also required, for your use and ours. Once your reservation is approved you will need that checklist. Click here for that form.

Common Land - If you desire to maintain the common land adjacent to your home that desire needs approval. Click here for that form.

Estate, Garage, or Yard Sale - Garage and yard sales are not allowed. Estate sales are permitted but require approval. Click here for that form.

Exterior Changes - Any changes to the exterior of your home, even repainting, require a review by the architectural committee before starting work. Click here for that form.

Landscape Changes - If you wish changes to the landscaping next to your home - new plants planted, old plants removed, etc, request those on the form here.
              Plants that suit our neighborhood and which are suitable for this climate are listed here. If you are unable to find a listing for the plant you desire
              please consult with the Landscape Chairperson.

Maintenance - Should you find anything that needs to be repaired or modified on common land, either by your home or anywhere in the association, request that work on the form here.

Pool Use by Guests - For your guests to use either pool, when you are not present, requires that a hold-harmless agreement be on file in the office. Click here for that form. [10 Dec 2007]

Security - Anything you observe that appears to be a threat to the safety and security of your family or any other resident should be reported on the form here.


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